Welcome to my website. There's not much here, but I have a list of various tools and things I've created.

If you'd like to contact me, my email address is avkk@vf-snagnohyb.hf.

Most of these tools run locally in your browser without any data being sent to any server.


mkvgrep is a command-line utility that can search subtitles embedded inside Matroska (.mkv) files.

It is very fast - almost as fast as the drive it's reading data from. On my machine, it's capable of searching through a 16GB file (once cached) in just a second.

Dominions 6 province renamer

This tool will rename all provinces in a map for the game Dominions 6 or 5 into random names you have provided. You can also provide weightings to skew certain names to certain province types.

Although the tool is mostly the same between games, it has a different version for Dominions 5.

Dominions 5 random map nostart

Randomly generated maps in Dominions 5 have an unfortunate amount of unfair start positions. This tool reads a map file and makes sure only provinces with a certain amount of connections are approved as start locations.

Easy mouse button tester

This tool displays all clicks, intentional or otherwise, that your mouse does. It's very handy for identifying hardware issues.

YouTube live stream with Twitch chat

This tool combines a live stream YouTube with the chat from a Twitch channel. Some streamers do multistreams with better quality on YouTube, but this lets you keep the original Twitch chat if you'd like.

Bingo card generator generator

The double "generator" is intentional! If you want to have a bingo night with some pre-determined choices but you want everyone to have their own random layout this is the tool to use.

Because it uses a specific random seed to generate the card, it is easy to verify if someone has scored a bingo by using their (pre-approved) seed to confirm their results.

Magnet link with trackers generator

This tool will take a magnet link or hash and add a bunch of trackers to it from verified sources like ngosang's tracker list or newtrackon. It can also parse existing magnet links to replace the other tracker list.


At the time this tool was created, tools like the fantastic EU4 to Vic2 converter did not support ironman games. This tool will convert any ironman game into a regular plaintext save.

It's only been tested with Europa Universalis IV, but it might work with Crusader Kings 2 as well.


This tool can encode a timelapse video out of a series of pictures, all inside your browser. It lets you specify an optional crop, bitrate and the playback speed.

Unfortunately it only works in browsers that support the VideoEncoding API. Fortunately all Chromium browsers should work.

WebM for Retards

This is a dated video encoding utility that can be used to make simple edits to a video before encoding it to a web-friendly format.

Development effectively stopped many years ago, and as of writing, there are many small tools like this that probably work better (Boram, WebM for Lazys, et.c.).

uguu (clone)

Simple temporary file uploading server for self-hosting. No public instance available. Easy to set up and run.

Umineko voice spreadsheeter

Read ponscripter script files, like those used in the Umineko voice patch, and match audio filenames with the english text of each line.

Steam screenshot folderer

Categorizes all screenshots in a folder that Steam's "Save uncompressed originals" has made a mess out of.

Stepmania song lister

Turns a big folder with lots of stepmania files into a single list that you can output in whatever formatting you want.

Drakengard 3 Camp music player

The original soundtrack for Drakengard 3 did not include the various comfy tracks that play while you're encamped. I ripped them from the game files and made them play in a loop in your browser.